Voila! A bit tangy from the wine, goat cheese, parmesan and lemon mixed with the mellow creaminess of the rest of the sauce ingredients. It’s the best I’ve done yet! Nate ate an adult sized serving and asked for more. That growing boy of mine!

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Oh, yes, this is about to go down at the Boedeker Bed and Breakfast! My famed and acclaimed sautéed shrimp with white wine Alfredo sauce. Remember this @cornfed_tx? I’ve changed it up slightly and it’s even better!

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This is what my 41 year old face looks like on the @advocare SYS skincare system. It’s never looked better and I definitely do not look my age. In fact, my 12 year old daughter and I are often mistaken for sisters. I’m not kidding and I love it - so does she. She gets a big kick out of it. If this is what I look like at 41 on the AdvoCare skincare products, I can’t wait to see what I look like at 42, 45, etc. Plus they just added the eye serum today so that will help with the lines by my eyes, making me look that much better!

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OHMYGOSH! I couldn’t be any more excited! The long awaited and much anticipated eye cream is FINALLY here! I’ve already ordered 2 (at the top discount, of course). 😆🎉This is going to make a whole lot of people very happy! The SYS skin care system that has been out for just a few weeks has changed my 41 year old skin for the better already and I love it!😙💗 Best ever for my face. Now I get to add the solution for my only problem area of getting those grooves around my eyes/top of my cheeks when I smile. They’re not crow’s feet, they’re in a different area. I can’t wait to see how this helps with that. This is the top of the line skin care. It is even better at a discount! ;-) You can get it at a discount too, and if you want to, let’s talk!

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Internal screaming make sure this is a series everyone want more Donna noble with pinch of Jack harkness and a spoon full of River song.

Eternal fan/boy screaming

Not a River fan because she’s so over the top, although I love Alex Kingston, but a Jack and River might not be too bad. But a Donna spinoff?!?! Yes, please and please and thank you!

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Twelve’s first words upon awaking in “Listen” were the Fourth Doctor’s first words after regenerating.

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T.A.R.D.I.S. TUNES - a mix for the doctor & his companions.

[ listen ]

i. a dazzling end - murray gold // ii. dreaming - smallpools // iii. run - daughter // iv. the great escape - woodkid // v. maps - maroon 5 // vi. shooting star - owl city // vii. lost! - coldplay // viii. spaceman - the killers // ix. life in color - onerepublic // x. a sky full of stars - coldplay // xi. space & time - vnv nation // xii. youth - daughter // xiii. exitlude - the killers

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Had I done another couple of series I would have finessed the performance. I think you can watch all the Doctors, their first series, possibly with the exception of Tom Baker, you can see that they’re trying to work out how to play it. It’s a very difficult character, actually, It’s a great role. He’s a know-all, he’s part alien, he’s part human, he doesn’t do the same thing every week, you know? I loved playing the character.

National Theatre Platform Interview, 2012 (x)

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Ignoring the obvious that I need my brows done, the real question is, will it stain my face blue? My fingers that applied it have a slight tint to them after washing them. 😦😞😒 I’ll see shortly…

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What time is it?!?!?! It’s SPARK CIDER time! Oh, yes, please and thank you! It wakes up this non-makeuped, 41 year old mommy and clears the cobwebs from my brain. Plus, my 12 year old begs for it. If you love hot spiced cider in cool/cold weather, this is the recipe for you! Orange Spark, apple cider mix, cinnamon, cranberry juice and pineapple juice. I have the pours and measurements down to an exact science and it makes the house smell like the holidays! @robbiedpage, you need to try it out, love! It’ll put a festive spring in your step. 😆😉🙌💃😊

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Everything about this is perfect! Hello hoodies, hot chocolate and marshmallows! Bring on the cooler weather!!!!!!!

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When your child’s hand/arm find a resting place on the brim of your ball cap, what do you do? Stay still, of course. And take a photo. LOL!

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